Monday, 21 November 2011

From lazy days to crazy days

Slop is caked over Neptune's inductees on Camper.
Hamish Hooper/CAMPER ETNZ/Volvo Ocean Race
The lazy days of the Doldrums seem far behind the fleet now. The last week has been a frenetic checklist of milestones and to-do lists.

Such as:
  • Get the hell out of the erratic Doldrums
  • Prepare for the royal visit that comes to those that have not crossed the equator before
  • Welcome King Neptune and Queen Codfish to reside over the sinners, confessions, punishments and absolutions
  • Take a brief moment to realise exactly how much hair the poor sinners have lost and how much fish head slop they were made to eat.
  • Fly by the Island of Fernando de Noronha - the only mark of Leg 1
  • Start looking forward to the southerly trade winds and hauling south for those westerly cold fronts that roll around the Southern Ocean
  • Check over the whole boat for any signs of damage before the mad ride starts in the high winds and big waves of the Southern Ocean.
Telefonica managed to get the right side of a great shift and a little more wind than their leg nemesis Puma. They are now enjoying a 17nm lead as the tables continue to turn.

Camper is still very much in the picture as they trail Puma by 130nm.

Groupama deficit
Groupama has a lot more to do with a deficit of 422nm from the leader.

The teams are bracing themselves as the water and wind gets colder by the day and the “slay” ride to Cape Town gets closer by the hour.

Lazy days will soon become crazy days.

Mark Covell

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