Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Volvo Ocean Race Checklist: Check

Like a good media crew member, I like to run through my checklist before the Volvo Ocean Race starts on the 29 October 2011.
Cameras:   Check
Sound equipment: Check
Inmarsat broadband satellite connection: Check
Volvo Open 70 plus well-trained crew:Missing!

It's slowly dawning on me that I don't have a ride for the next race. I seem to be missing a campaign to sail with.

Well, never one to fall at the first hurdle, I have teamed up with an even faster outfit, a group of professionals more connected to the race than any individual boat. An organisation that's been part of this amazing round-the-world race since the early Whitbread years.

Official title
For this year's race I've hung up my sailing boots and donned my official title as Inmarsat Race Correspondent.

You bet I'll be out there surfing the virtual oceans of cyberspace as I follow every twist and turn of the race. I'm also going to be there on the dock to greet the boats and talk to the key players.

And with help from the media crew members, I want to look past the glossy front covers and into the out-of-focus and under-exposed snapshots of life onboard.

Locked in training
All the teams are now locked into training at the Alicante HQ of the Volvo Ocean Race until the race heads off on the 5 November on Leg 1.

They will be going through countless training exercises and measurement checks before getting the all clear to race the In-Port Regatta on the 29th October.

I will be heading down there very soon to sit in on some of that preparation.  I look forward to you joining me for the next 10 months. It's sure to be a thrilling ride.

Mark Covell